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Xin Huan Bao is an industrial dust collecting filter elements manufacturer with over ten years’ of experience. We can provide professional dust removal solutions for various industries, including cement industry, furniture manufacturing industry, foundry industry and paper industry.

You can directly choose from the following displayed filter elements which are part of our stock products. If the following products can’t meet your requirements, please contact us and we can provide more stock products for you.

    1. Spun bond Polyester Cartridges
    2. Spun bond Polyester CartridgesSpun bond polyester is sturdy and durable, and it also has corrosion resistant and moistureproof properties so that it won’t be affected by bad moisture environment when temperature is below 180℉ or lower. Besides, this material can be easily cleaned. After simply washing, it can be used as new.
      The filter cartridges of Xin Huan Bao are made of 100% spun bond polyester and they are designed with folds, which can increase filter surface area to the greatest extent.
    1. Cellulose Filter Cartridges
    2. Cellulose Filter CartridgesXin Huan Bao cellulose filter cartridges are made of resin cellulose filter medium which is pleated to increase filtering efficiency, and they are usually used for dust collecting in air filtration. Our filter cartridges are treated by thermocuring, so they have better tightness and higher durability than common filter elements.
      We will check the mediums according to ISO standard to make sure that all batches of filter materials meet demands.
    1. Pleated Filter Elements
    2. Pleated Filter ElementsThe design of pleated filter elements replaces the one of traditional filter bags. Pleated design can increase the area of filter medium to 5-10 times as big as that of traditional bag filter elements, which solves the air volume problem of bag filter by increasing filtering area.
      Xin Huan Bao filter elements can adopt many kinds of materials such as spun bond polyester, PTFE membrane, non-woven fabric and polyester fibre. You can also choose pleat amount and pleat depth according to your requirements.
    1. Back Flushing Filter Elements
    2. Back Flushing Filter ElementsBack flushing filter elements feature an inside and outside buckle hanging method, making installation and removal quick and easy. The bottom uses a powder leakage design, ensuring dust will not accumulate on the bottom and affect usage efficiency. A guide cone is installed inside the filter element, and directly uses compressed air to beat against the cone top to disperse dust collected there using an air dispersion. This filter element is most often used in spraying hardware industry, furniture dust recovery and other dust filtration.
    1. Water and Oil Repellent Cartridge Filter Element
    2. Water and Oil Repellent Cartridge Filter ElementWhen you want to filter dust in high humidity environment, you must need water and oil repellent filter elements and Xin Huan Bao can provide many kinds of water and oil repellent cartridge filter elements. You can directly choose water and oil repellent polyester non-woven fabric as filter material because non-woven fabric can reach water and oil proof effect after processing. But if you have higher demands for filtration efficiency, we can add a layer of PTFE membrane on non-woven fabric, which can not only resist water and oil, but also increase filtration efficiency.
    1. Antistatic Cartridge Filter Element
    2. Antistatic Cartridge Filter ElementAnti-static cartridge filter elements have a layer of conductive aluminum film plated on the surface of polyester fiber, which will effectively conduct electricity to avoid electric sparks produced by static electricity. These filter elements are suitable for applications that are at risk of explosion, because they will eliminate an electric charge produced by the friction found in synthetic mediums in the petrochemical industry.
      Anti-static non-woven fabric filter elements work at temperatures below 135℃ and are tolerant to numerous chemicals, making them ideal for use in powder recovery.
    1. Laminated Cartridge Filter Element
    2. Laminated Cartridge Filter ElementA layer of PTFE membrane is covered on the surface of laminated cartridge filter elements. PTFE membrane hardly adheres to any substance. It can effectively resist water and oil, and the filter precision can reach 0.3-0.5μm. Even if laminated filter elements adhere a little dirt, they can be cleaned by simple wiping with short downtime, which can save working time and improve working efficiency.
    1. Cartridge Filter Elements, TORAY Nonwoven Fabric Filtration
    2. Cartridge Filter Elements, TORAY Nonwoven Fabric FiltrationTORAY polyester filter material (All TORAY materials have anti-counterfeit labels) is non-woven fabric made of 100% polyester filament with features of high strength and high density. Filter elements made of this material have small pore size and filter precision of 3-4μm. Compared with other filter elements, TORAY non-woven fabric filter elements have higher filter precision and better air permeability, and their dust removal efficiency can reach 99.9%.
    1. Cartridge Filter Element, Flame Retardant Fiber Filtration
    2. Cartridge Filter Element, Flame Retardant Fiber FiltrationFlame retardant filter elements use American high-quality and high-efficiency flame retardant wood pulp fiber filter material and combine folding processes to ensure the filter cartridges are flame resistant. They are suitable for filtration at continuously high working temperatures, such as flame retardant dust removal filter cartridges, gas turbines, central air-conditioning systems with high demands for dust content in the air, and filtration of flammable and explosive dust.
    1. Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Element
    2. Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter ElementThese filter elements are made of sintered stainless steel fiber felt and stainless steel woven mesh through a refractive wave process. Sintered stainless steel felt is formed with different pore sizes ranging from coarse to fine and can more easily control the high filter precision and high dust capacity.
      The stainless steel cartridge filter elements feature a porous structure, large surface area and uniformly distributed pore size.
    1. Filter Bag
    2. Filter BagThe polyester filter fabric has good chemical stability and heat resistance so it’s widely used in dust removal filtration field and can be applied in metallurgy, smelting, steel, casting, cement, quarrying and chemical industries.
      Xin Huan Bao filter bags usually use terylene, PE, PP and PTFE as filter materials. We can make singeing, calendering, anti-static, water and oil repellent treatments to make our filter bags better adapt to your working environment.
    1. Filter Cartridge Rotary Cleaner
    2. Filter Cartridge Rotary CleanerFilter cartridge rotary cleaners are back flushing devices designed to match with filter elements with an outer diameter of 325mm and inner diameter of 190-220mm.
      600mm high rotary cleaner: Suitable for single 600mm and 600mm high filter element.
      900mm high rotary cleaner: Suitable for single 900mm high filter element.

Of course, in addition to providing customers with the presently displayed stock filter elements, we can also customize according to your filtering requirements, such as filter materials, surface treatment methods and sizes. Xin Huan Bao can meet your all kinds of demands for dust filtering.