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First established in 2006, Foshan Nanhai Xin Huan Bao Filter Material Co., Ltd., is dedicated to offering worldwide customers with exceptional powder filter elements, allowing us to offer high quality non-woven polyester fabric filter elements, wood pulp paper filter elements and stainless steel cartridge filter elements for use in a wide array of industries to ensure both a clean working environment and safe usage environment for company staff. Our filtration elements are all customizable, with a maximum height of 1.8m, and a thickness of 10mm, thus serving a wide array of needs. Our filtration elements are researched, designed, and produced in house, then used in aluminum processing, cement processing, tobacco processing, pharmaceutical, steel smelting, metal casting, refractory production and power plant industries. For more information, or to see our high quality processes for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us! Read More
  • Air Filter Element Air Filter Element

    Xin Huan Bao professionally customizes efficient industrial machinery air filters to filter out the impurities in air. The filter elements of Xin Huan Bao can efficiently provide clean air for compressors, blowers and other air purification systems.

  • Dust Collector Filter Element Dust Collector Filter Element

    Xin Huan Bao can provide dust collector filter elements made of many kinds of materials including TORAY non-woven fabric, PTFE membrane, sintered felt, and can meet the dust collecting requirements in cement plants, spraying factories and chemical plants.

  • Dust filter bags Dust filter bags

    Xin Huan Bao customizes different materials of filter bags for customers. We have over ten years’ of experience in dust filter bag production, and our dust filter bags can be used in any bag dust removal equipment.

    1. Spun bond Polyester Cartridges
    2. Spun bond Polyester Cartridges

      Spun bond polyester is sturdy and durable, and it also has corrosion resistant and moistureproof properties so that it won’t be affected by bad moisture environment when temperature is below 180℉ or lower.

    1. Cellulose Filter Cartridges
    2. Cellulose Filter Cartridges

      Xin Huan Bao cellulose filter cartridges are made of resin cellulose filter medium which is pleated to increase filtering efficiency, and they are usually used for dust collecting in air filtration.

    1. Pleated Filter Elements
    2. Pleated Filter Elements

      The design of pleated filter elements replaces the one of traditional filter bags. Pleated design can increase the area of filter medium to 5-10 times as big as that of traditional bag filter elements, which solves the air volume problem of bag filter by increasing filtering area.

    1. Back Flushing Filter Elements
    2. Back Flushing Filter Elements

      Back flushing filter elements feature an inside and outside buckle hanging method, making installation and removal quick and easy. The bottom uses a powder leakage design, ensuring dust will not accumulate on the bottom and affect usage efficiency.

    1. Water and Oil Repellent Cartridge Filter Element
    2. Water and Oil Repellent Cartridge Filter Element

      When you want to filter dust in high humidity environment, you must need water and oil repellent filter elements and Xin Huan Bao can provide many kinds of water and oil repellent cartridge filter elements.

    1. Antistatic Cartridge Filter Element
    2. Antistatic Cartridge Filter Element

      Anti-static cartridge filter elements have a layer of conductive aluminum film plated on the surface of polyester fiber, which will effectively conduct electricity to avoid electric sparks produced by static electricity.

    1. Laminated Cartridge Filter Element
    2. Laminated Cartridge Filter Element

      A layer of PTFE membrane is covered on the surface of laminated cartridge filter elements. PTFE membrane hardly adheres to any substance. It can effectively resist water and oil, and the filter precision can reach 0.3-0.5μm.

    1. Cartridge Filter Elements, TORAY Nonwoven Fabric Filtration
    2. Cartridge Filter Elements, TORAY Nonwoven Fabric Filtration

      If you are looking for high filter precision and durable filter elements, we recommend a kind of non-woven fabric filter elements for you.

    1. Cartridge Filter Element, Flame Retardant Fiber Filtration
    2. Cartridge Filter Element, Flame Retardant Fiber Filtration

      Flame retardant filter elements use American high-quality and high-efficiency flame retardant wood pulp fiber filter material and combine folding processes to ensure the filter cartridges are flame resistant.

    1. Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Element
    2. Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Element

      These filter elements are made of sintered stainless steel fiber felt and stainless steel woven mesh through a refractive wave process. Sintered stainless steel felt is formed with different pore sizes ranging from coarse to fine and can more easily control the high filter precision and high dust capacity.

We offer a variety of industrial filter elements which are used to carry out powder filtration and recycling. All provided filtration elements are customizable to match customer equipment.