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Filter Cartridge for Cement Plant Dust Collector
Dust collecting filtration in cement industry

Our dust collector filter bags are often used in cement plant dust control systems. Because cement is composed of hard powder particles, the dust will quickly wear out a filter bag, and when there is water in the filter, the cement dust will harden and cake on the filter, leading to the need to frequently replace the filter. Here at Xin Huan Bao, we offer filter cartridges with a layer of PTFE membrane specifically to avoid those problems, and prevent water getting into the filter system. Even if dirt adheres to the surface of the filter, a simple wipe down cleans it off, leading to less filter replacements needed.

We provide reliable dust removal filter elements for cement industry and they have the following features.
  • They must be exceptionally durable and not deform. They are easy to install and repair, and have a long service life, even in dust collection systems that run continuously.
  • They must feature a water, oil, and corrosion resistant performance.
  • They have a high filter precision and excellent filter efficiency.
Recommended products

Filter bag
Filter bags feature a fine denier fiber and have a small pore size, a large porosity, and a large filtration surface area.

Non-woven polyester fabric filter element
After processing, non-woven fabric will effectively prevent water and oil, as well as feature an excellent chemical resistance, a long service life, and are easily washable with water.