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Paper Industry Filter Element Products

Xin Huan Bao offers high efficiency filter elements in order to help handle challenges in the paper industry.

As the pulp and paper industry continuously updates equipment used, there are higher demands for high quality efficient lubrication equipment. Lubrication equipment that often fails or does not meet industry needs waste time and money, which is why Xin Huan Bao’s filters are designed to prevent equipment breakdowns due to poor quality lubrication performances.

Turbine lubricant is especially important within the pulp and paper industry, but dirt produced in paper processing usually mixes into the turbine oil tank. Therefore, it’s important to use filter equipment to filter dirt and keep the lubricant clean, and thus, preventing costly downtime. Large amounts of water produced during the paper industry production processes also increases difficulty for dirt filtration, which is why Xin Huan Bao’s filter elements feature a PTFE membrane laminated to the surface to make them water and oil resistant, and thus, easier able to handle water and dirt in the pulp and paper industry.

We provide reliable dust removal filter elements for paper industry and they have the following features.
  • They are water and oil resistant.
  • They have a high filter precision and excellent filter efficiency.
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