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Filter Panel for Industrial Air Compressor
Compressor system solution:

Compressed air containing oil that is produced using air ends will enter a condenser, then after mechanical separation, enters an oil and gas filtration element for filtration. The filter element intercepts and polymerizes the oil in the gas in order to form oil drops that will concentrate on the bottom of the filter element, and return to the compressor’s lubrication system through the oil return line, thus allowing the compressor to exhaust a purer and high quality compressed air. In doing so, the filter element is a device used to eliminate solid dust, oil particles, and liquid substances in the compressed air.

Oil and gas separation filter elements are a key component that determine the quality of the compressed air that is released from the oil injected screw compressor. An accurate installation, usage, and routine maintenance all ensure the compressed air quality, and the filter element’s service life.

We provide reliable industrial dust removal filter elements and they have the following features.
  • They are water, oil, and corrosion resistant.
  • They have a high filter precision and excellent filtration efficiency.
Filter element