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Filter for Chemical Industry

Chemical manufacturing and processing plants often pose unique challenges for dust collection.

Within these industries, most raw materials are very expensive, which makes an integrated recycling device a must to recycle reusable materials in the chemical process. In addition, pollutants from these processes contain a large amount of fog, smog, and dry pollutants that absorb moisture or agglomerate when exposed to the air, which makes dust collection difficult. Often, common materials used in these applications are also flammable and explosive, thus posing a significant safety risk.

Xin Huan Bao filter elements feature a highly efficient collection capacity within the chemical industry. They will reduce air pollution, recycle valuable particles, and ensure highly efficient chemical dust collection processes.

Recommended filter elements
  • TORAY laminated non-woven polyester fabric filter element
  • Anti-static non-woven polyester fabric filter element