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Filter Cartridge for Foundry Plant

Foundry plants produce large amounts of smog dust during metal melting, sand blasting and pouring processes. Exhausting, ventilation and dust collection are required to control the level of dust pollutants in workshops in order to keep the working environment clean and safe. Here at Xin Huan Bao, we offer high quality, industrial air filters for dust collection in foundry plants.

We provide reliable dust removal filter elements for foundry plants and they have the following features.
  • High efficiency filters are a must to remove smog dust.
  • These filters feature a high level of durability, designed to be wear resistant to the metal particles produced during the casting process.
  • They are static electricity resistant. Dust produced in metal grinding and other processes is flammable and poses a risk for explosion, so any filter used in these environments must be resistant to static electricity.
Recommended filter elements

Anti-static filter element
Anti-static filter elements are made using polyester fiber material with an aluminum plated surface, thus effectively conducting electricity to avoid sparks. This makes them ideal for environments where there is a significant risk of fire or explosion.