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Filter Bag


The polyester filter fabric has good chemical stability and heat resistance so it’s widely used in dust removal filtration field and can be applied in metallurgy, smelting, steel, casting, cement, quarrying and chemical industries.

Xin Huan Bao filter bags usually use terylene, PE, PP and PTFE as filter materials. We can make singeing, calendering, anti-static, water and oil repellent treatments to make our filter bags better adapt to your working environment.

Material Terylene + Easy dust cleaning treatment
Weight 500g/m2
Thickness 1.8mm
Air permeability 350-500L/m2/S
Breaking strength Longitudinal ≥1300
Latitudinal ≥1650
Elongation at break Longitudinal < 30
Latitudinal < 45
Breaking tensile force 2.75mpa/min
Working environment ≤130℃
Acid resistance Good
Alkali resistance Medium
Corrosion resistance Excellent
Hydrolysis stability Medium
Aftertreatment Singeing, shaping
Custom Filter Bag

You can directly choose form the above displayed filter bags. If you have any requirements for filter bag size, surface treatment method and other aspects, please contact us in time and Xin Huan Bao will provide you with custom service for filter bags.

If you want to customize other types of filter elements such as flame retardant fiber filtration, TORAY Nonwoven fabric filtration and antistatic cartridge filter elements, you can enter custom page, see custom instructions and provide us with necessary information.


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